DRMM’s Lighthouse Food Bank—Helping Hungry Neighbors Put Food on the Table

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Your gifts provide emergency food for seniors, young families, and others who are in need!

DRMM recently acquired Lighthouse Food Bank, Macomb County’s largest food bank, to reach more people who are hungry and hurting in the Detroit area with the help and hope they need.

Since 1984, the Lighthouse Food Bank (LFB) has served Macomb County as a community food bank, offering families, seniors, and other individuals who are struggling to make ends meet, a helping hand in putting food on the table. Last summer, DRMM acquired LFB under its umbrella of programs to help impact the lives of even more hungry and hurting people in the metro-Detroit area each day.

“My wife started this ministry 31 years ago with a couple of other girls. It was called ‘Lost Coin Coffee House,’” says Pastor Mel Gower with a smile. “There might have been just 20 cans of food in that little pantry back then, but we would still give them whatever we could, encourage them, and pray for them. It’s amazing what you can do for somebody just by telling him that you love him, or putting your arms around him, encouraging him that he can get through his problems.”

Today, things are quite different at the little food bank that Sandie Gower started so long ago. “In the past six months demand has almost doubled. We had 213 families the other day, which comes out to about 350 people who are in need of food,” the Pastor says. “Each of these encounters is another opportunity for us to demonstrate God’s love.”

The holidays and a long, cold winter drove a huge volume of hungry and hurting people to LFB in the hope of receiving emergency food. Among them were senior citizens, young families with hungry children, and plenty of proud veterans. The Gowers have a heart for each and every one of them, and your partnership ensured that everyone in need of emergency food received it, along with loving encouragement and heartfelt prayer.

With your ongoing support, those who are struggling to make ends meet can turn to DRMM’s Lighthouse Food Bank for a box of good, nutritious food for just $4.16.

DRMM President Chad Audi explains, “It’s about more than just putting food in someone’s hands. We welcome all who need us. We are trying to strengthen the community by helping people get back on their feet—always modeling the ways of Jesus in everything we do.”